For many drivers, the decision of whether to buy or lease a new car is difficult to navigate. Both options have their pros and cons. However, at Subaru of Pembroke Pines, our knowledgeable team can explain the various benefits to both options. Here are the benefits to buying and/or leasing your next Subaru vehicle.


Buying a new car is a good option for drivers who are interested in the various perks that come with car ownership. With vehicle ownership comes the option to modify or personalize the car in any way you want. In addition, you can put as many miles as you want on the car and have the option of selling it or trading it in once it’s paid off. Another added benefit of buying is that you’re able to avoid lease-end charges and spread out the cost of ownership for as long as you’d like.


Leasing is the right option for drivers who want more flexibility when it comes to the vehicle they choose. Leasing allows you to avoid making a huge down payment and sometimes comes with a lower monthly payment compared to standard car payments. Leasing also means you don’t have to worry about selling or trading in a car when you’re ready to upgrade. One big benefit of leasing over buying is that you can switch cars every few years without hassle.

When you’re ready to purchase or lease your next vehicle, stop by Subaru of Pembroke Pines in Pembroke Pines, FL. To view our current Subaru lease and financing offers, visit our website. While you’re here, don’t forget to take new vehicles like the Subaru Outback for a test drive. We additionally serve the surrounding areas of Miami and Plantation, so we look forward to working with you soon!