While we never really get that much of a break from the heat down here in Florida, summer can drive the heat up to unbearable extremes. While you might be focused on how to keep your apartment or home cool this time of year, you should also remember to give your car some attention. Here at Subaru of Pembroke Pines, our dedicated team at our Subaru service center near Plantation is ready to help you stay cool in your Subaru car for the summer.

Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

When the temperatures reach their highest, your car can run into trouble. A common problem many cars face during the summertime is car battery issues. Excessive heat is one of the worst things for car batteries, so it’s important to keep a close eye on it for corrosion and to have it inspected before the hottest weather hits. Before the peak summer heat arrives, you should also check your coolant levels to make sure your supply is sufficient to last the summer. And don’t forget to check up on your air conditioning system to ensure that you’ll be able to escape the heat and humidity while you’re on the road.

Our Service Center

When you bring your Subaru car here to our Subaru dealership, our certified Subaru technicians will inspect multiple points on your vehicle, from your fluid levels down to your lights. You can see the status of your air conditioning system and get any necessary repairs to make sure your car is fully prepared for the summer heat. Plus, we can make sure your battery is fully charged and free of any corrosion or connectivity issues. Schedule your service appointment today get your Subaru car ready for the summer!