At Subaru of Pembroke Pines, we offer a great selection of new Subaru cars that will offer amazing driving experiences for years. As Subaru dealers in South Florida, we understand that in order to get the best life out of your car, you will need to take good care of it. Our Subaru service center is the perfect place to make sure every part of your car is in great condition, including your brakes. 

Importance of Brake Maintenance

Your brakes are what stands between you as a driver and an accident, making it the most vital component of any vehicle. That being said, any issues with your brakes need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Your brakes contain many parts that need to be in good working order for your car to come to a complete stop, including your brake pads, brake lines, and calipers. Even if your brakes start to become slightly compromised, it could put you and other people’s safety at risk.

It can be pretty easy to tell when parts of your brakes are going out. The most common signs of malfunctioning brakes are often easy to pick up on, such as not being able to come to a full stop as easily or if your brake pedal starts to feel soft or unresponsive. Another sign to look out for is strange noises, like grinding, screeching, or squeaking.

Our Service Center

Here at our Subaru service center, our certified Subaru technicians know exactly how to identify all types of problems with your brakes. We can provide the services needed to keep your brakes in good condition and repair any broken parts with brand new OEM Subaru brake parts that will give you the best performance and lifespan. Schedule your service appointment today to keep your brakes working smoothly!