Keeping up with your Subaru’s regular maintenance and service schedule can seem overwhelming at times. Luckily, our Subaru service team can help you out. Visit Subaru of Pembroke Pines today for your next service appointment. Our service center is located onsite and has a range of service specials to help you save money on maintenance or repair services. In addition, you can visit our website to learn more about your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Not sure if it’s time for new tires? We can help with that. Here are some typical signs that it’s time to bring your new Subaru Impreza in for new tires.

  • Uneven tread wear: Uneven tread wear could put you at risk for a flat tire or a blowout. This could also indicate that you need a tire rotation or tire alignment. Regardless, it’s best to bring your car into our service center for an inspection.
  • Bubbles: If you visibly see bubbles anywhere on the exterior of your tires, it’s time for them to be replaced. These bubbles may be allowing air to get in between the various layers of your tires, which is a huge safety hazard.
  • Spare tire: Spare tires are only meant to be used when you’re in a pinch or have an unexpected flat tire. Spare tires aren’t designed to be driven on for an extended period of time. If you’ve been driving on a spare for several months, it’s time to upgrade to a new tire.
  • Age: Even the best cared for tires need to be replaced sooner or later. Experts recommend you have your tires inspected or replaced every six years at least. Ten years is the longest you should drive on a set of tires.

Choose Subaru of Pembroke Pines for all your tire and service needs. We also serve the nearby towns of Miami and Plantation, so visit us today!