Here at Subaru of Pembroke Pineswe’re always able to take care of your car, no matter what type of service or maintenance you need. Our technicians at our Subaru service center near Plantation want to make sure you can handle anything the road throws your way, even though some road hazards are hard to avoid. To better prepare yourself for common road dangers, we’ve compiled our best tips and tricks for staying safe while driving.

Bad Weather

Heavy storms are all-too-common here in Florida, so it’s easy to get caught driving in a downpour. If you ever run into bad weather on the road, be sure to slow down to a reasonable speed and keep up with the flow of traffic. Use your windshield wipers and turn on your headlights if your visibility is limited, and if you’re having trouble seeing the road, don’t hesitate to pull over until the weather clears.


Poorly maintained roads with bumps and potholes can wreak havoc on your tires and suspension, so it’s important to avoid them whenever possible. If you spot a pothole, slow down, check to see if nearby lanes are clear, and swerve around it if you have room do so. If you don’t have any room to avoid the pothole, drive over it slowly so your tires don’t incur damage.

Children Playing

If you often drive through residential areas or school zones, you’re probably used to seeing children playing next to the road. It’s important to always drive slowly through these types of areas in case a child runs out into the street. Pay attention to road signs and always be prepared to brake if need be.

Faulty Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are designed to make driving less hazardous, but even they can become hazardous if they malfunction. If you encounter a malfunctioning stoplight, treat the intersection like a four-way stop. Allow other cars to go one by one and wait for your turn.

For even more road hazard safety tips, visit our our Pembroke Pines area Subaru dealership. We hope to see you soon!